Specialty Coffee

Bagels & Coffee: An unbeatable Team

01Here to stay

The Atmosphere at the American Bagel & Coffee isn’t just for drinking coffee but also to relax and enjoy the experience of the high quality products. Cozy Chairs and warm wood invite you to delve into a book and forget about the world around you.

02Happily Serving

One thing is clear: Tastes can differ. But we can assure you that our Cappuccinos, Americanos, Espressos and Latte Macchiatos have one thing in common: We only use the best Coffee from Seattle’s Best Roasteries for our Coffee Production. Beans from all over the world in your favorite Roasts.

03More than bread

A Bagel is more than a little dough with a hole in the middle. Depending on the Filling it’s a snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner. At the American Bagel & Coffee we satisfy all your hunger cravings with all kinds of bagels. Enjoy!

Seattle's Best Coffee

100% Arabica

The Roasteries of Seattle’s Best Coffee use only the best beans from Latin America for their coffee. The beans get directly imported from local coffee bean farmers. Roasted from light to dark in five different degrees of roasting. We here at the American Bagel & Coffee Co are proud to be the first Coffeehouse in Switzerland to present this special kind of coffee.

Here you can find the best coffee

Our Locations


Städtle 28
9490 Vaduz

Opening times:
Monday – Sunday
08.00 – 18.00


Promenade 116
7260 Davos Dorf

Opening times:
Monday – Sunday
from 08.00


Bleicherweg 50
8002 Zürich

Opening Feb/March 2018

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